The Charles Town Maroons

The gateway to the Blue and John Crow Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site

Conference & Festival 2019


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Acting Colonel Marcia "Kim" Douglas

Marcia “Kim” Douglas is the new leader of the Charles Town Maroons. She took over after the passing of  the late Colonel Frank Lumsden.

She is an herbalist extraordinaire, making wines, teas, medicines, and rubs from native herbs, plants, and fruits, the knowledge she acquired from her parents. She believes that every plant has its own use and is to be analyzed individually. She says that each plant and herb must be used correctly in order to achieve maximum benefit. At the Charles Town Maroon Council “Kim” wears many hats. She is the head tour guide and administrator for the Charles Town Maroon’s tours and attractions. She is also the lead dancer in the famous Charles Town Maroons drummers and Dancers.

Young Maroons

The Charles Town Maroon nation is alive and well. The children are being groomed in the authentic Maroon culture, learning the Maroon ways.

Acting Colonel Marcia Douglas and other Maroon leaders attended the UN Environment - Caribbean Access and Benefit Sharing Week in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Photos - Trinidad and Tobago Visit

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Things you should know

Near the town of Buff Bay by the Buff Bay River in the parish of Portland

New Crawford Town

Before moving to the present location these maroons lived in a place called Crawford Town up in the Blue Mountains. They moved to the present location sometime after the signing of the Peace Treaty and initially named it after their old town.

The Annual International Charles Town Maroon Conference & Festival

The indigenous Taíno 

The Indigenous Taíno people

Indigenous crocodile

Indigenous pineapples

Male and Female Indigenous Taíno People


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